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released 2007

My debut novel...






The frequent liar points are clocking up

and Lucy’s got choices to make...



It’s been nine years since Lucy left Australia. Nine years since she’s seen her best friend Molly, and Sam, the one-time love of her life. Now her two friends are getting married. To each other. And Lucy is on her way to Sydney for their wedding.


Life for Lucy has moved on. She’s happily settled with James, her gorgeous lawyer boyfriend, with their flat in London and her glamorous job in PR. Surely there’s no reason to expect this two-week holiday in the sun will be anything out of the ordinary?


But just before take-off, Lucy receives a text from James’ mobile. She can’t resist taking a look ... and, in one push of a button, her world comes crashing down...


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 Lucy in the Sky is also available as an audiobook – here's a link to Audible!