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I often hear how much my readers like it when familiar characters pop up in other books, so with this unique book club, I'm able to do even more of that.


How it works...


Sign up for free, using the form. Every so often, I'll send out an email to all of my members. It might only be every two or three months – it just depends on whether I've got something to say that I think you might like to hear.


So far, my Hidden Paige chapters have featured short stories, mini sequels, competitions and chapters of books told from other characters' perspectives (Daisy, Lily, Johnny and Bridget have featured). If you've only just signed up, don't worry – the next time I send out an email, you'll be able to click on a link to read previous editions.


I hope you enjoy being a member of The Hidden Paige! Oh, and don't forget to say where you're from when you sign up because this might determine where I hold book signings in the future! The age is just because I'm curious ;-)

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